Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pirate sheep language skills

'Ooooooooh? It was a long time ago,' said Flossie. 'I suppose, history, geography, blowing enemy vessels out of the water...and needlework.'

'Needlework?' bleated Lefty. 'Wouldn't have been putting my last doubloon on that!'

'Just had a knack for it,' replied Flossie, 'and did consider it as a career option but then my Pirate teacher persuaded me that I'd be better off doing evil laugh lessons so I never pursued it.'

'Good skill to have though.'

'Still mend my own eye patches,' replied Flossie. 'But to go back to your original question, I never bother with languages. Just wasn't my thing.'

'Not really my cup of tea either,' bleated Lefty, 'I can remember odd bits and pieces and for some reason I've always hung onto one of those translating dictionaries.'

'Glad you did!' replied Flossie. 'Who'd have thought we'd end up somewhere foreign? So what have we got so far?'

'Well it's a big sign in front of a big building and I'm pretty sure that the word at the top is 'factory',' replied Lefty. 'And Hooky's ready to spell out the next few words.'

'Off you go then,' said Flossie.

So Hooky spelt out the words and Lefty translated them.

'Crikey!' he said after translating the first word.

'Double crikey!!' he said after translating the second word.

'Double crikey with crikey chips and a big bottle of crikey beer!!!' he said after translating the third word.

'I sense excitement?' suggested Flossie.

'You certainly do!' replied Lefty. 'For if I'm not sadly mistaken, we're standing in front of....'

And he held up the translation for Flossie to read.

'Crikey!!!!' said Flossie.

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Armenoi said...

That's not fair.
The story line gets suspended for going away reasons and then you make us wait another day.
That really isn't cricket!!