Saturday, 5 April 2014

Please pick up your litter

'Are we absolutely sure we want to...'

'Yes!' mooed Bertha.

'Yes!' agreed Norma.

'I can see my tail!' added Annie and then she fell over and nibbled at some grass that was in front of her.

'I think you could have at least let me finish,' said Captain Bill.

'Why?' asked Bertha.

'Because it would have shown some respect,' replied Captain Bill.

'I think you've answered your own question there,' said Bertha.

'And anyway,' continued Captain Bill, 'they'll be miles ahead of us.'

'But we can track them,' replied Norma and she indicated the magnifying glass that had been fixed to a small trolley (although she had to walk around Annie first).

'And you think that'll work?' asked Captain Bill.

'It already has,' replied Norma and this time it was Geraldine who did the pointing, which was towards a crumpled piece of paper that lay just out of Annie's nibbling range.

'It may look like an ordinary crumpled piece of paper,' said Bertha.

'But?' mooed Captain Bill.

'Just take a look at what's written on it,' replied Norma.

So Captain Bill did.

'Changes to Health and Safety working practise when boarding ships in light of 'Shifty Bob Vs Captain 'Nose' Johnson' with particular reference to disability access to higher levels of rigging.'

'That's pirate talk if ever I've heard it!' said Norma.

'You'd think it would be more...earthy,' replied Captain Bill.

'You'd think they'd more careful with their litter,' said Norma. 'But their casual attitude is our gain.'

'So we just have to hope they keep dropping pieces of paper at convenient intervals,' replied Captain Bill.

'So far so good,' said Bertha.

And so they moved on....except for Annie who nibbled some more grass first...but she did catch them up shortly afterwards.

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Armenoi said...

Oh yes.
Thanks for my daily morning laugh Mr Pencil.