Friday, 4 April 2014

Sun up in the sky

Flossie stood, stood quietly, the early morning sun caressing and warming his soft white fleece. He sighed, closed his one good eye and drew a long, deep breath. A tiny black and yellow body buzzed about him, landed on his ear and preened and worked the pollen that hung from its velvet legs. Time drifted. He opened his eye again and gazed around him. The grass, strewn with diamond droplets, twinkled and shone. All was peace. Life was good.

'At last!' he bleated. '................Pastures new!

'Where?' asked Lefty.

'Here,' said Flossie.

'I thought they looked rather old,' replied Lefty.

'No, no I was speaking metaphorically,' said Flossie.

'Oh right!' replied Lefty.

And once more Flossie closed his eye and breathed deeply.

But the moment had passed and he simply got pollen up his nose which made him sneeze and the bee stung his ear.

'Right,' said Flossie, 'suppose we'd better get on with something?'

'I spy a village,' replied Lefty.

'Looks nice,' said Flossie. 'Tranquil, peaceful...'

'Somnambulant?' suggested Lefty.

'Yes!' said Flossie. 'Somnambulant! That's the word! Let's go and ruin it!'

And so the flock set off at a gentle walk.

'It won't be too far for mum will it?' asked Flossie.

'She'll be fine,' bleated Lefty. 'It's all downhill.'

'Could always get Harriet to help her,' said Flossie.

'I was going to speak to you about that,' replied Lefty. 'I have agreed that it'll be just one afternoon a week initially, until the lambs are a little older.'

'Oh!' said Flossie. 'Well...can't be helped I suppose?'

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Armenoi said...

Ah, the call of the wild. Those ancient flock memories.
Poor Flossie - leadership is a tough and lonely road to tred. WEll it would be if it weren't for the flock trailing behind.