Thursday, 10 April 2014

The bit before the surprise

'I think they're lovely!' said Norma.

'I found them at the edge of the field,' replied Bertha.

'I wish I could wear multiple hats.'

You do need a certain length of horn,' replied Bertha, 'and I'll add more ribbon if I can find some.'

And Norma was just about to look into her bag for some more ribbon when Norman arrived.

'Nice hats!' he said.

'Thanks,' replied Bertha.

'Could do with some more ribbon though.' 

And the ladies nodded their heads and no hats fell off.

'So,' continued Norman, 'any more clues?'

'No,' said Norma. 'I suppose it was rather a long shot to hope that they'd keep dropping things. I fear the trail has gone cold.'

'I suppose so,' replied Norman. 'Pirate sheep have never been known for making unforced litter related errors.'

'Have you spotted anything from up there?' asked Bertha.

'Nothing,' replied Norman, 'apart from the fact that the blossom is very nice this year and whole area looks a little run down.'

'I thought that,' replied Norma. 'It's pretty, in a rustic kind of way.'

'If only there was someone about that we could talk to,' said Bertha.

'You mean someone local who could be of invaluable use to us?' replied Norma.

'I doubt we'll be that lucky,' trumpeted Norman.

But at that moment they were that lucky and a voice cried out to them.

'Mon petite friends!' it said.

And I'll leave you to work out who it was.

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