Saturday, 19 April 2014

The fine art of selling

'But 'ow does me buying 150 clockwork chickens 'elp me run a vineyard?' asked Camille.

'Many, badly informed, people would ask exactly the same question,' replied Cyril.

'Maybe I could meet them?' suggested Camille. 'We would 'ave something in common.'

'They cost almost nothing to run,' continued Cyril.

'I am still thinking a great big, ten hoof high, non!' replied Camille.

'Which is where you'd be making a serious error,' said Cyril.

'I've invested everything I have into steam driven quail,' mooed Annie.

'And have you regretted it?' asked Cyril.

'I am a happier, calmer, person and may run for election,' read Annie from a printed card.

'See!' said Cyril. 'What better recommendation could you ask for?'

'And my horns are shinier after just 3 treatments,' added Annie.

'It just keeps getting better!' said Cyril.

'But ma 'orns don't come into it,' replied Camille. 'I need 'elp with ma grapes.'

'So many do,' agreed Cyril. 'But remember this is just an aside. We can move onto the important stuff whenever you give the word.'

'Then I'm giving it, like right now!' replied Camille.

'Then if you could kindly point me towards your very finest vintages?'

'Why do I 'ave a bad feeling about this?' said Camille.

But still, off they went.

'That's odd!' mooed Annie, as they herded along. 'Brad's never even spoken to me before but, now I'm using my new steam powered quail, he's asked me to the dance on Saturday night!'

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