Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Why did you have that drink?

'Ooooh!' said Norma. 'Ooooh!........................Ooooooh!......Oooh!'

'Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!' mooed Annie.

'What are you doing?' asked Norma.

'Joining in!' replied Annie. 'Although I don't recognise the tune.'

'There isn't one,' said Norma. '..........Oooooh!'

'If you run out of 'O's I'll lend you some.'

'I'll try not to.'

'Are you OK for 'H's?'

'Fine!' replied Norma. 'Why?......Oh why?........Oh why?'

'Hmmm?' said Annie. 'Tricky! Is it something to do with hippopotomouses on bicycles?'

'No, not really,' replied Norma.

'How about making trifles up mountains?'

Norma gave just the tiniest shake of her head.

'The failure of foreign policy? The number of trees around rings? Baldness in bricks?'

'No!' said Norma.

'Perhaps,' Annie speculated, 'this may be quicker if I ask you what the question is.'

'Why?' replied Norma. 'Oh why? Oh why? Did I have that drink?'

'Was it because someone in your head suggested it would be a good idea?'

'THAT would be it!' replied Norma.

'Statasticicals show that voices in your head are only correct 27% of the time,' mooed Annie.

'I'll bear that in mind,' replied Norma.

And Geraldine went to refill the watering can.


Armenoi said...

I love the details - such as Norma's droopy tail - nicely played.
Do I see a slight GaSaB infiltration?

Steve Allender said...

I likes my bees!