Friday, 30 May 2014

At the grotto of my ancestors.

'And 'ere we are at last!' Camille explained. 'We stand before the entrance of the grotto of ma ancestors, in the grove of ma ancestors, in the woodland of ma ancestors, it is like, 'ow you say, for me, a sacred place.'

'There is a sign upon the door,' observed Captain Bill.

'It is only notification of ma planning application,' mooed Camille.


'I am 'oping to knock it all down and build a dozen luxury apartments,' replied Camille. 'If I can pull it off I'll be in 'andbag 'eaven!'

'Right,' said Captain Bill.

'Of course they will still be sacred luxury apartments. I could always reserve you one?'


'I could throw in some of the show furniture and free off road grazing? Seeing as you are known to me. Also I will be needing a concierge. You get a tiny room in the basement for free and I'd turn a blind eye if you want to read everybody's mail.'

'Probably not,' replied Captain Bill.

'Suit yourself!' 

'Sooooooooooooooooo, what's in the grotto?'

'I 'ave, like, no idea!' replied Camille. 'I 'ave never before 'ad the key. But, I 'ave 'eard rumours, passed down from generation to generation. Stories that said, that inside were things that would be of essential use in ma family's greatest decade of need.'


'Indeed! The rumour was very vague about the timing and the type of crisis. But often I 'ave dreamed of what might be inside; gold, jewels, anything worth a lot of money, and at the very least a few free lipsticks. But now we shall see!

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