Thursday, 22 May 2014

Breaking report in!

'Nice of you to join us,' mooed Norma.

'As always, a pleasure for you to see me again,' replied Cyril. 'And, in an added bonus, I'm pleased to be able to announce that my, long awaited, wine report is now ready!'

Geraldine handed an old, slightly torn, bottle label to Camille and indicated toward the writing on the back of it.

'Is this it?' she asked.

Cyril doffed his beret.

'If there's anything that's too technical, don't hesitate to ask.'

'It says, 'Not bad',' replied Camille, 'and it is written in pencil.'

'I would have got my secretary to type it up,' said Cyril, 'but she was otherwise occupied as a result of being tied to a giant spring.'

'So,' continued Camille, 'you 'ave spent, like, one squillion weeks drinking ma wine and your assessment is...'Not bad'?'

'It is an expert opinion,' added Cyril.

'Small comfort,' replied Camille.

'I did work at a reduced fee.'

'And I am working with reduced stock levels!'

'I did notice that,' replied Cyril. 'If you're going to make a go of this, you'll need to keep them higher than that.'

'I 'ad plenty a while ago!' mooed Camille.

'Perhaps you need to expand?' suggested Cyril.

'Like your waist line?' replied Camille.

And Norma did consider intervening to smooth things over and jolly people along...but then realised it wasn't worth the effort and so she wandered off to see Bertha.

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