Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Cheering him on

'Hmm?' said Camille.

'I still think we should give him the benefit of the doubt,' replied Norma.

'But 'e 'as been walking away from the factory for like ten minutes now!'

'Perhaps he just wants to take a long run up?'

'Look!' mooed Camille, 'I am 'oping for the best but even I am beginning to suspect that ma brave Capitaine Bile lacks a certain something.'

'Retinal disparity?' suggested Bertha.

'It could just be a direction thing?' said Norma. 'He's never been very good with directions.'

'Maybe we need to point this out?' replied Camille. 'But 'ow do we ever get a message to 'im?'

Bertha stampeded around to the other side of the hedge.

'HERE! STUPID!' she shouted. 'IT'S THAT WAY!'

'That's one way of doing it,' said Norma.

'I am scoring it ten out of ten for directness,' mooed Camille.

'It's a speciality of Bertha's' replied Norma.

'And 'e is going in the right direction.'

'Now all we have to do,' continued Norma, 'is wait for him to make contact with Norman.'

'Are we sure 'e is in position?' asked Camille.

'He's over there,' replied Norma.


'By the gates,'

'I don't see 'im?'

'By the gates,' repeated Norma, 'next to the tree...by the rose bushes....next to the sign.'

'Mon dieu!' exclaimed Camille. 'I would never 'ave realised it was 'im! Such a disguise!'

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Armenoi said...

Having seen the next blog, I can safely say that Capitaine Bile should not let Camile get away, she seems perfect for him.