Friday, 23 May 2014

Coming to the correct conclusion

'I still find it hard to believe,' trumpeted Norman.

'I'm telling you that's all I could see,' replied Captain Bill.

'It just seems odd,' said Norman.

'I can't help that,' replied Captain Bill.

'I'm not saying you're responsible,' said Norman, 'but it just doesn't fit in.'

I concede that,' replied Captain Bill, 'but it was there all the same.'

'You don't think you could have been mistaken?'


 '...............You have to wonder why?' mused Norman.

'No! I don't!' replied Captain Bill.

'And you're absolutely sure that's all you could see?'

'Look!' said Captain Bill. 'For the last time, there was just an old piano...behind the green door.'


'Anyway,' continued Captain Bill, 'my conclusion, as a result of our....'

'Looking through the keyhole...'

'....detailed investigation. Is that this whole thing has been a panic over nothing. The factory is clearly deserted. There's nothing going on here, there hasn't been a pirate sheep within a mile of the place and once again, Norma, Bertha etc, etc, have got themselves all worked up for no decent reason.'

'Hmm?' said Norman and he picked up a pointy sword and waved it about.

'There's just a few bits of old stock laying around,' replied Captain Bill

'Looks new?' said Norman.

'Perhaps to the untrained eye,' replied Captain Bill. 'Now, I propose we have a quick once around the block and then I can get out of this silly costume and you can..I don't more buns or something.

And with that they turned the corner. 

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Armenoi said...

Oh dear. I don't think there is a pantomime phrase for "IN FRONT OF YOUUUUU."
but if there were, I would say it to Crinkley Bile right now.