Friday, 9 May 2014

Now you see her...

'It looks far too much like exercise to me!' said Cyril.

'Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!' called out Annie, as she bounced past. 'It's fun! And it's not too difficult once you've got bouncing! Actually, I am beginning to suspect, that now I'm underway, things could go on indefinitely.' 

'You could never do it with a full glass of wine.' 

'Hmmmmmmmm?' replied Annie, as she bounced back again. 'Possibly you could get away with using a very long straw. I would have a hard think thunk about it, but I'm afraid my brain is extra wobbly at the moment.'

'I doubt it'll harm you?' said Cyril.

'There are moments when it seems a positive help!' mooed Annie.

'Excellent!' said Cyril. 'I shall look forward to the results.'

'I'll let you have a look inside my ears later on,' replied Annie, 'and you can let me know what you see.'

'Terrific!' said Cyril. 'Now, it is with some reluctance and a series of rumbling stomachs, that I suppose I should wander off towards the others?'

'OK!' replied Annie. 'I shall join you as soon as I can. I'm still having trouble with my steering though.'

'You'll master it,' said Cyril.

'I think,' replied Annie, 'that I've decided that the trick is not to worry about where I might end up but rather to take pleasure from where I already am.'

'Pearls of wisdom!' said Cyril.

'Not just now,' replied Annie. 'I don't think it would be a good idea for me to eat anything at the moment!'


Armenoi said...

Spring philosophy and bovine bon vivant. What a way to end the week. Perfect.

Is that a very slightly surprised mini moo with Cyril or has it been standing too near too many glasses of the red?

Steve Allender said...

I took it to be surprise, but you never know!