Saturday, 3 May 2014

Panic! Panic now!

'Possibly I'm panicking for no decent reason?' said Captain Bill.

'And let's be honest, you do have form,' replied Bertha. 'But on this occasion, I'm forced to concede that it's highly possible, that it's a genuine, well founded, panic.'

'And you're not the only one,' added Norma and she pointed towards Geraldine.

'Well, I have to say it's a pleasant surprise to be considered right,' said Captain Bill. 

'I'm warning you now, it probably won't last,' replied Bertha.

So,' continued Captain Bill, 'I see it as imperative that we set sail for home as soon as we can.'

'Told you so!' mooed Bertha.

'It was nice while it lasted,' said Norma. 'but I could tell you weren't comfortable with it.'

'We'd only be going to get help,' added Captain Bill. 'We could easily be back by...October?'

'So quickly?' said Bertha.

'Hopefully,' replied Captain Bill. 'Although now I think of it, the grass may need cutting, so we might be longer.'

Bertha stared at Captain Bill.

'If we could avoid a trip into Shoutyland?' asked Norma.

'The first thing we need to do is check to see if our fears are correct,' said Bertha. 'Then we can decide what we're going to do.'

'Which means rounding up the troops,' replied Norma.

'And then Camille can take us to the factory,' mooed Bertha.

'How was she when you told her about the pirate sheep?' asked Norma.

'Ah!' said Captain Bill. 'Well............I thought maybe it would be best...if one of you told her?'

'I'm afraid,' announced Bertha, 'that we may end up in Shoutyland after all.'

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Armenoi said...

Norma is perfectly done. Great portrayal.