Thursday, 1 May 2014

Pirate sheep head stuck crisis special

'Never happy being the one to say I told you so,' bleated Flossie.

'Have it sorted out in a jiffy,' replied Lefty.

'Are there many more to do?'

'These two and Harriet.'

'She's here then?'

'Down at the end,' replied Lefty. 'She's in a hi vis, so if you want to have a word, she's easy to pick out.'

'Well, nice to see her, despite the circumstances.'

'My thoughts exactly. Although she'll need to be off as soon as I free her. The lamb care ends at 4.30 and she gets charged extra if she's late picking them up.'

'You should tell her to bring them along.'

'Not allowed,' replied Lefty. 'The legislation's very clear.'

'Really?' said Flossie. 'I'm sure I used to at their age and I had a Saturday job painting the crosses onto pirate flags.'

'Just the crosses?'

'Just the crosses!'

'I used to help my uncle testing the pointyness of pointy swords.'

'And I bet you were allowed to run with them?'

'Had to!' bleated Lefty. 'If was one of the checks he had to do before signing them off. 'There's no point in a pointy sword if you can't run with it', he used to say.'

'It was so much easier back then,' sighed Flossie.

'Mmm,' said Lefty. 'Stupidly dangerous though.'

And within half an hour everyone's head had been freed and the flock was on its way (and Harriet picked up the lambs with 3 minutes to spare and then wasted an hour standing around chatting to the other mums about nothing in particular).

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