Friday, 2 May 2014

Reasons to be cheerful?

'And then I got to thinking, are we misjudging him?' 

'Perhaps?' replied Camille. 'Perhaps, we 'ave all misjudged 'im? Perhaps Cyril is a truly honest person? Perhaps rather than suspecting the worst of 'im, we should hope for the best? Perhaps if we show trust in 'im, we will all be rewarded and enriched by the experience? And perhaps, while we are in this more experimental phase, I should stick ma 'ead into this mangle and get little Blanche to crank the 'andle?'

'If I didn't know better, I'd suspect you of taking sarcasm lessons from Bertha,' mooed Captain Bill.

'She isn't charging me as I am a friend,' replied Camille.

'But he is an acknowledged expert in wine,' continued Captain Bill. 'Even I can't deny that.'

'And you're not known for your denial of reality!' pointed out Camille.

'..........................................I just don't understand why you wanted to start a vineyard anyway?' 

'It is in ma blood.' replied Camille. 'As it is in the blood of all ma people. We love wine! We adore wine! And the land was going cheap and the school 'ad fallen down.'

'Ah!' said Captain Bill.

'Well, I 'ad spent the whole maintenance budget of a new 'andbag, so, hooves up, guilty as charged.'

'I'm just concerned that it does rather limit the options of your little students.'

'They will be fine!' replied Camille. 'It's an 'ealthy, outdoor life, with fun and japes and many opportunities for farming subsidy grants and besides there is only one other employer in this pitifully small town of ours.'

'Who's that?' asked Captain Bill.

'Why, 'The Grand Cannon, Pointy Sword and Gunpowder Factory,' on the other side of the 'ill. But, I ask you, who in their right minds would ever 'ave an interest in such a place?' 

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Armenoi said...

Oh dear. All has become clear, though whether the piratey sheep will even get around to maniacal pillaging is another matter!