Thursday, 29 May 2014

Safely collecting pointy things

'And when she finally found it,' said Norma, 'it turned out to be in one of those side pockets with some tissues and a pen than didn't work.'

'But did it open the casket?' asked Bertha.

'It did!' mooed Norma.

'And inside?'

'Another bigger key,' replied Norma. '............To be honest I was slightly disappointed. I'm not really sure what I expected.

'But did it mean anything to Camille?' asked Bertha.

Norma nodded. 'She got very excited. She said she knows what it fits, so she's gone off with Captain Bill. I thought I'd come and see how you were getting along?'

'I thought it best to collect up all the discarded pointyness,' replied Bertha. 'I got Jean Claude and Blanche to help me.'

'You don't think they're too young for handling discarded pointyness?' queried Norma.

But Bertha made it quite clear that, in her opinion, it did young calves good to get used to pointyness...and Norma hoped that she was right.

'And are we still managing to track the pirate sheep at the same time?' 

'This has been slowing me down,' replied Bertha, 'so I sent Horace on ahead.'

'Do you think that was wise?' asked Norma.

But Bertha made it quite clear that, in her opinion, there was nothing dangerous about it. As long as Horace concentrated on what he was doing and didn't let his mind wander off into poetry, there was very little risk involved.

And Norma felt a bit sick.

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