Monday, 5 May 2014

Spring is here!

'And then she said, 'find Norman and move as fast as you possibly can','.

'And so you tied yourself to a giant spring?' trumpeted Norman.

Annie nodded, the giant spring wobbled and she bounced high into the air.

'Yes!' she said, from very far up. 'I knew you'd work it out!'

'Well, you certainly are moving quickly,' Norman replied. 'Although I'm not sure that it's in the was Norma envisaged?'

'She didn't specify what type of fast,' mooed Annie.

And she bounced particularly high and threw in a forward roll for extra excitement...and her hat...stayed on!

'Nicely done!' said Norman.

'Ta!' replied Annie. 'I think this is what it must feel like to be a huge spoonful of trifle.'

'You are achieving a remarkably high degree of wobbliness,' said Norman. 'But I do think that perhaps we should be getting on?'

'Okeemadoklies!' replied Annie. 'Now, while I'm finding going up and down quite easy, I must confess that steering is proving a tad more difficult.'

'I'm not sure I can be of help,' said Norman.

'Fear not!' replied Annie. 'But it might be best if you go on ahead and I follow on once I've achieved directionableness.'

'If the meeting starts before you arrive I'll take notes.' said Norman.

'Most kind!' replied Annie.

And she happily bounced and wobbled across several fields, a stream and an orchard.

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Armenoi said...

Annie challenges reality in a most engaging manner.