Monday, 19 May 2014

Spy Required

'So, how do you feel?' asked Norma.

'Like a complete and utter idiot,' replied Captain Bill.

But Norma held up a hoof before anyone could say anything.

'It is vital that you look the part,' mooed Camille.

And again Norma raised a hoof.

'It's crucial that we find out what's going on inside the factory,' she said.

'And I made a perfectly reasonable suggestion regarding that,' replied Captain Bill.

'I just don't think we have time to write them a letter,' said Norma. 'Now, let's go over your cover story one last time. You are?'

'Put upon?'

'Monsieur Vache, an important buyer for an international consortium of pointy sword suppliers and you've travelled here to view...?'

'Samples before placing a large order,' muttered Captain Bill.

'Excellent!' said Norma.

'So brave!' said Camille.

'And don't forget, you won't be alone,' continued Norma. 'Norman will be there as well. He'll be waiting just inside the front gates and he'll offer you a bun from a packet that contains no buns.'

'Why?' asked Captain Bill.

'Because he's eaten them all,' replied Norma.

'No!' said Captain Bill. 'I mean, why offer me anything?'

'So you know that it's him,' replied Norma.

'It's Norman!' said Captain Bill. 'He's an elephant! He's an enormous grey elephant!............He's Norman!'

'Yes!' mooed Norma. '................but he'll be in disguise as well.'

'What's he coming as?' asked Captain Bill . 'An overweight field mouse?'