Wednesday, 7 May 2014

They are all in this together

'Is this all of us?' asked Captain Bill.

'As many as can be safely fitted into a single illustration,' replied Norma. 'And I will point out that there is more to Norman than can be presently seen.'

And everyone agreed that there is much more to an elephant than just a trunk.

'And Cyril?' asked Captain Bill.

'I'm sure he'll be along soon,' replied Norma.

'And Annie?'

'She is definitely on her way.'

'I can see her now,' trumpeted Norman. 'No, I can't! Yes, I can! No, I can't, Yes...'

'We can start without her!' mooed Norma. 'I'll bring her up to speed when she arrives.'

'I think you may need to slow her down first,' said Norman.

'If we could get on?' urged Bertha.

'I, myself, will begin by saying that I and ma little students are ready to 'elp in any way,' said Camille. 'Although, obviously, I am expecting that little 'elp will be needed now that the brave Capitaine Bile is on the case.'

Norma glanced at Capitaine Bile.

'It may need to be more of a team effort,' she suggested.

'I'll not have a problem if someone else wants to take the lead?' said Captain Bill.

'I'll try to avoid fainting in surprise,' replied Bertha.

'Please!' said Norma.

'Could I say something?' asked Horace.

'...........What?' asked Norma.

'Well, nothing really,' said Horace. 'Just..........hello!'

And Norma knew it was going to be a long meeting.

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Armenoi said...

Ah ha... Horace must have been reading 'How to contribute safely to meetings and not be a conference wall flower.' Well done that poet.