Saturday, 10 May 2014

When quiet was too quiet

'So, Horace, myself and Geraldine, working in 2 hour shifts, kept the factory under constant surveillance for a period of 12 hours.' 

'And?' asked Bertha.

'I got cramp, Horace failed to write anything and Geraldine found time to preen herself.'

'And the factory?' asked Camille.

'Nothing!' said Norma. 'We didn't see anything at all, but I will remind you that we couldn't see the back or down one side.'

'So,' mooed Bertha, 'what you're saying is, we can only be certain that?'

'All's quiet on the west and front,' replied Norma.

'But still,' said Camille, 'this is good news!'

'Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?' said Bertha.....and Norma*. 

'By your 'Hmmms', I am detecting that you are not at the top of the 'appiness slide?' Camille suggested.

'There's quiet,' replied Norma, 'and then there's too quiet.'

'It sounds too quiet to me,' said Bertha.

'If we take a more detailed look on our quiet graphic we can see that it's way over into the danger zone,' Norma replied.

'Then we need to shift our game up a gear,' said Bertha.

'And your plan?' asked Camille.

'I think we need to send someone in for a closer look,' said Norma.

'It would need to be someone very brave,' replied Camille. 'Someone who would not 'esitate for a moment to lay down their life for the good of those they 'ardly know. Someone strong, resourceful, quick witted, with nerves of steal!'

'.......................................................................Can I tell him?' asked Bertha.

*Geraldine would also have said 'Hmmmmm' at this point but it's not an easy sound to make with a beak. But she was thinking it.

(Cow Island will return on Monday 19th May. Thank you!)


jubnuggets said...

You're art is so beautiful! Keep it up :D

Armenoi said...

Would Erich Remarque about that joke I wonder. Whilst being truly terrible, I actually laughed out loud - brilliant!