Wednesday, 4 June 2014

And the next challenge is?

'It's generally thought of as being characterised by unusual simile or metaphor,' explained Flossie, 'combined with simple verse forms. It just doesn't work for me.'

'I must read some,' Lefty replied.

'I've got some somewhere in a general anthology,' bleated Flossie. 'I'll dig it out and lend it to you.'

'We could always ask the prisoner if he's written any?'

'Hmm,' said Flossie. 'In my experience it's better not to fraternise with prisoners, not poet ones anyway. You can end up feeling terribly depressed.'

'Still,' replied Lefty, 'good to have a prisoner.'

'Oh, yes!' said Flossie.

'Guns, pointy swords, gunpowder and now a prisoner. You must be feeling pleased?'

'Of course,' replied Flossie. 'Although in leadership terms it does bring its own problems.'

'How so?'

'Well,' said Flossie, 'it's widely accepted that success breeds success but it also leads to rising expectations. You start to find that things that would have given the flock a sense of satisfaction no longer elicit the desired response. It's a part of management to always have one eye on the next objective. The task is to grow the skill set of every individual while having an overall group agenda that is challenging but within the bounds of reasonable possibility.'

'And have you given any thought as to what we might do next?'

'Not really.'

'We could always attack that castle that has just mysteriously appeared from nowhere on yonder hill?' suggested Lefty.

'..............................................Yer!' bleated Flossie. 'That'll do!' 

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Armenoi said...

Oh, hilarity and an explosion coming up no doubt. (Well, I hope so anyway.)