Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Calf exercises

'Your little students are just the right size for bouncy castle inflating,' said Norma.

'Indeed!' mooed Camille. 'And I can pass it off as some sort of progressive sports and well being activity.'

'Once it's finished we should get it into place.'

'Yesss,' replied Camille. 'Now, my good and rather put upon friend, Norma, if you do not mind me making the observation, your plan does strike me as being, 'ow you say, slightly daft?'

'I know,' sighed Norma, 'and it worries me. It worries me greatly. Our plans are normally, ridiculously, absurdly bonkers. The problem is I've come to rely too much on Annie in these sort of situations. I do wish I could talk to her about it.'

'There is still no sign of her?'

'Cyril and Norman are out looking for her. Cyril will find her.'

'You think she will 'ave a better plan?'

Norma thought hard.

'I'm not sure that better is the right word. Annie just thinks...differently. She puts it down to the inside of her head being over 95% strawbelberry trifle. Whatever the reason, she can be.........original!'

'I 'ave told ma students, originality is the most important thing a person can 'ave....after a diamond mine and an 'andbag factory.'

'Right now, I'd put it tops,' said Norma.

And then, to make matters worse, Bertha arrived.

' 'orace?' asked Camille.

'They've got him,' replied Bertha. '......The burk!'

'Then we 'ave no choice,' mooed Camille. 'We must proceed with Norma's plan and 'ope for the best.'

And Norma's bottom lip wibbled once more.

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