Thursday, 5 June 2014

Getting your plan approved

'I knew you'd find her,' said Norma.

'Pleasure,' replied Cyril.

'So,' asked Norma, 'be honest, what do you think of my plan?'

Annie bounced around for a while so that she good could have a really good think AND a thunk.

'What was the question again?' she asked.

'The plan,' replied Norma. 'What do you think of my plan to catch the pirate sheep?'

'There are pirate sheep!?!' mooed Annie.

'Yes!' replied Norma. 'Please concentrate.'

Annie stopped bouncing and lent over on the spring until she was just in front of Norma.

'It's splendiferous!' she said and she kissed Norma on the nose. 'It is rather too sensible in places and it doesn't seem to involve knitting but we can work on it.'

Norma smiled. 'And you've completely mastered directionableness? I have rather been relying on the fact that you would have.'

Annie did a back flip and forward flip and then bounced to both left and the same time.

'She's mastered it,' said Cyril. 'So, what next?'

'It's over to Camille and Geraldine,' replied Norma. 'We need to herd the sheep.'

'And where are they herding the little fluffies to?' asked Annie.

'Camille says there's a place not far from here that's called 'Don't go there because it's a very good place for an ambush valley'. I thought it sounded like a good place for an ambush?'

'Whatever!' said Annie.

And so Annie and Cyril and Norma went on their way. 

And Norma's bottom lip wibbled no more.

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Armenoi said...

It is truly awesome when genius and insanity bump up against each other.
Just to remind you that I love Annie, and Cyril of course.