Wednesday, 11 June 2014

How to have magnetic attraction

'Over there!' said Lefty.



'I can't hear it,' bleated Flossie.

'I'm sure it was.'

'Getting nearer?'

'Difficult to tell.'

'Going further away?'

'Not sure.'

'But the same noise as before?'

'Yes!....Maybe?.......I don't know!'

'Oh!' groaned Flossie. 'This is madness! It's a cow on a giant spring, that's all!'

'Got our prisoner though,' replied Lefty. 'And it's not something we've ever trained for.'

'Well, who would have?' asked Flossie. 'I'll happily concede that when considering possible crew procedures, the possibility of being attacked by a mad cow on a giant spring never figured very highly.'

'It's quiet now.' said Lefty.

'Perhaps it's gone?' replied Flossie.

'Perhaps it has?' agreed Lefty.

'FLUFFIES!!!!!' mooed Annie as she bounced into view....carrying an extra large magnet.


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And I love Annie even more - her insanity is infectious.