Thursday, 12 June 2014

Norman, the tree dwelling elephant

'I don't know why,' trumpeted Norman, 'I just got it into my head that it was a cherry tree.'

'I'll give you some stuff that you can take it off with after this is all over,' replied Bertha. 'But right now I think we have more important things to worry about.'

'I'm worried about this branch,' said Norman.

'I'm sure it will hold,' replied Bertha.

'Still,' said Norman, 'I'd be happier if you weren't underneath me.'

'I can take care of myself.'

'So, what's happening?'

'They're heading this way! Very quickly!'

'I thought they might be. I can't really see them from here.'

'They've flocked tightly together.'

'That's panicked sheep for you.'

'Get ready,' mooed Bertha.'.....................Stand by...............................Throw!'

And Bertha and Norman threw the old fishing net far out from the tree.

'Did we get them?' asked Norman.

'I think we did!' replied Bertha.

'Oh good!' said Norman. 'Now, it's probably time for you to 'take care of yourself'.'

'Why?' asked Bertha.

'Because I've just heard the most awful cracking sound,' said Norman.

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Armenoi said...

Ooooo ( the O's are for Annie), a Proboscidean in pink - divine!