Tuesday, 10 June 2014

One squidged poet

'You were supposed to catch him!' mooed Norma.

'The rain got in my eyes,' replied Cyril.

'It isn't raining!!!!'

'No, not rain. It was something else.'

'All you had to do was catch him! It was a very simple plan. Annie grabs him, throws him to you and you catch him. It should have been easy!'

'It was a piece of cake!'

'But you failed!!!'

'No, it was a piece of cake that got in my eyes. I was probably trying to eat too slowly. It's never a good idea.'

'He's all squidged!'

'He'll be fine.'

'What's the point of rescuing somebody if they get all squidged?'

'He's a poet!.....................He'll love it!'

'Mwmmwmaphewmwmmmmm,' said Horace.

'See,' mooed Cyril, 'he admits it was his fault.'

'He could be saying anything,' replied Norma.

'I suppose you'll want a hoof to dig him out?'

'I'm not digging him out,' replied Norma. 'You are!................and then could you go and get Captain Bill out of that tree pleasethankyou?'

'And you're too busy?'

'Of course I am,' said Norma. 'It's almost time for Annie's second run.'

And so it was.

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Armenoi said...

It looks like Geraldine has just swatted the poor poet. Cyril is a reprobate but it is true that Horace will eventually see the creative benefits of being mightily squidged.