Monday, 9 June 2014

Worried you might be hearing things?

'No!' said Flossie. 'I mean I've no objection to other people wearing one but I wouldn't.'

'It did look very obvious,' replied Lefty.

'What bothered me,' continued Flossie, 'was that she still quite clearly had a real nose.'

'I noticed that,' replied Lefty. 'Sort of defeated the point as far as I was concerned.'

'Mmm,' said Flossie.

'Did you hear that?' bleated Lefty.

'What?' asked Flossie.

'That noise.'

'What noise?'

'Well,' said Lefty, 'it was a kind of bouncing noise.....There it is again! It came from over there!'




'Above those trees!'


'Unless I'm sadly mistaken it was a cow in a silly hat tied to a giant spring!'

'Seems unlikely,' said Flossie.

'Perhaps I'm going mad?' suggested Lefty.

But just at that moment, Annie bounced into view, grabbed Horace and bounced away again.

'Oh!' said Flossie.

'Ah!' said Lefty.

'Well,' bleated Flossie, 'on the positive side, you're clearly not going mad, but on the negative, we appear to have lost our prisoner!!!!'

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Armenoi said...

Annie saves the day!!! Again.
Do you think she ever knew Enid?