Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Finally....the Bertha you've all been waiting for!

'........head completely stuck in it,' Norma concluded.

'If it would help I could stampede over and staple it permanently in place?' offered Bertha .

'I managed to get him free eventually,' Norma replied. 'At least so he can see where he's going.'

'Pity,' mooed Bertha.

It's his stubbornness that I find so wearing,' Norma continued.

'It's his stupidity I've always had a problem with,' replied Bertha.

Norma sighed. 'The sculpture's looking good,' she said to change the subject.

'Could be better.'

'Have you thought of a title for it yet?'

'Hmm,' said Bertha, 'I was toying with 'The lies that we tell others to hide our loneliness', but I'm not sure that's pretentious enough.'

'And you're safe up there?'

'I've fallen off a couple of times but it's only scratches and bruises.'

'There's no point in asking you to be more careful?'

'Probably not.'

'So, fancy a holiday?'

'Absolutely!' Bertha replied.

'Wonderful !' Norma said. 'I've got some brochures and we're going to have a meeting down on the beach but before that you and I need to do the serious stuff.'

'You mean?' Bertha asked.

Norma nodded. 'Holiday hats!'

1 comment:

Gina said...

"...only scratches and bruises.." is a perfect title for the sculpture...making the statement that the female of the species keeps forging onward regardless of the damage(the holes in the piece) done by thoughtless stubborn males(the smaller adjacent piece), covering their pain and frustration with glib remarks ...tis but a scratch.
*Hope that is pretentious enough* ;D XXX
Now to the serious stuff....OOOOOW HATS!!!!