Monday, 18 April 2016

It always begins with Norma

Norma herded gently down the slope; the soft Spring grass warm beneath her hooves. The clouds above her drifted gently by, then stopped, had a good look at Cow Island and decided it was best to drift on. A butterfly called Lionel rested lazily upon her tail hat.

'Hello,' she said.

'Mwello,' Captain Bill replied, because he had something in his mouth.

'It arrived then?'

Captain Bill proffered the something in his mouth. Norma took it and read out aloud.

'From The Small Island Supply Company. Please find attached 1 sack, contents as agreed.'

'There could be some real gems in here,' said Captain Bill.

Norma peered over Captain Bill's horns. 'So you really have spent money on old rope?' she asked.

'It's not just rope,' Captain Bill replied. 'There's string and cord and twine! All museum quality.'

'It must be difficult to contain your excitement?' Norma suggested.

Captain Bill nodded. 'It'll take me weeks to sort it out and label it up. I was lucky to spot the advert.'

'Mmm,' said Norma. 'Actually it was the next few weeks that I wanted to talk to you about.'

'Twisty Curl!' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'Sorry?' Norma replied.

'It's a piece of four strand twisty curl!'

'Oh lovely! Now, about the next few....'

'Segmented flax string!

'Really?' Norma said.

'And Nortulborough half straight and Flangflick Best Scrub!....'

And Norma started to wonder if she had chosen the best moment.


Gina said...

Like talking to hubby on a saturday during football season *head to desk* XXX

baahar said...

Welcome back !!