Friday, 29 April 2016

Keeping your Captain calm

'Hopeless!' said Captain Bill. 'Absolutely hopeless!'

'I just don't think it's deliberate,' Norma replied.

'Every single time!' Captain Bill continued. 'There's simply no respect! 

'I just think she gets carried away,' said Norma.

'Hopefully by the next tide,' Captain Bill replied. 'And when they're together...'

'I concede it is worse when she's with Cyril.'

'And the next time we're in a life or death struggle with ferocious hostiles who will they turn to to save them with a heroic display of bravery?'

'Well?' said Norma.

Captain Bill straightened his hat.

'So where is the walking dustbin?' 

'I suggested he should go and help Horace and Bertha,' Norma replied. 'They're moving....some essential holiday items.'

'That'll be hats will it?'

'...............................................Possibly! Bertha and I have been very tough on ourselves this time.'

'So, every prospect of me squeezing a small suitcase onto the Pickled Heifer?'

'There's no need to be like that, there's always plenty of room.'

'Hmm,' Captain Bill mused.

'Still,' Norma continued, 'while we're waiting for them I thought you could help me to set a few things up for the meeting...pens, paper...'

'Makeshift boxing ring?'

'It won't be that bad,' Norma replied. 'We could all try working together, it is possible if we all make an effort, we just need to consider other peoples views as well as our own, we don't need to antagonise each other so much.'

'PENGIMING!!!!!' screamed Annie. 


Armenoi said...

Oh dear. I assume hostiles will appear at some stage? Possibly one wearing a fetching Spring bonnet, or a pengiming even.

Gina said...

Everyone knows males only take one pair of clean pants/socks on holiday...they can fit them in their pockets :D XXX