Friday, 22 April 2016

Steady now ladies...he's back!

'Then I thought I might be a larch but my horns are too wonky so I finally decided I was part oak, part beech and part custard tart.'

'Brilliant!' said Cyril. 'I think most people would choose to be a part oak, part beech, part custard tart tree if they could be.'

'Yippee!' mooed Annie and she did quite a long dance*

'So,' she continued, 'in an attempt to appear interested in the life of another person. How have you been spending your most valububble time?'

'Hmm,' Cyril replied. 'Well, I got hungry so I ate a big cake, then several more cakes, 18 dinners, 54 breakfasts and 1 light snack but that was just this morning and I seem to have become even more irresistible, because, let's face it, I'm gorgeous.'

'Truthful, interesting and caketastic!' mooed Annie.

'Always a pleasure,' Cyril replied. 'Now, could I interest you in a mug or a t-shirt? The perfect gift to yourself at the start of a brand new adventure!'

'I'll have half a mug and eleventy billion t-shirts please,' said Annie.

'Size?' asked Cyril.

'Oh, I think they'll have to have some,' Annie replied. 'Otherwise they could only exist in my head and the pink squirrels would nibble the edges.'

So Cyril started wrapping eleventy billion t-shirts and Annie checked the fish box to help to pass the time.**

* 1 Hoof mitten has become dislodged but is in no danger of falling.

** It was empty. 

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Gina said...

Yes...yes I have :D *swoon* XXX