Thursday, 28 April 2016

T-shirts for all!

'Everybody's wearing them,' said Cyril.

'Well I'm not!' Captain Bill replied.

'Mr Sir Lord Cyril,' Annie called out. 'I think if I breath in we could get another t-shirt on.'

'See,' said Cyril. 'You're missing out.'

'It's the sort of missing out that I can deal with.'

'Even Geraldine's joined in,' Cyril added.

'She is an Pengiming!' mooed Annie .

'Got them in your size.'

'I remain uninterested.'

'Pengiming!' Annie shouted.

'Just the one?' Cyril suggested.



'If you're doing that deliberately?' said Captain Bill.

'Perfect for your holiday wardrobe,' Cyril continued.

'Look,' Captain Bill replied, 'I'm not interested.'

'...............................You know you've got a sack on your head?' 

'I want it there.'

'A new t-shirt would set it off a treat. Keep you ahead of the fashion trends.'

'As a matter of fact it,' Captain Bill replied, 'if you must know, it contained a delivery of a valuable rope that I've just purchased, which means I could not possibly afford to buy even one t-shirt.'



'Would you like a mug? Instead of a t-shirt. I've got them in all colours.'

Captain Bill stared at Cyril.

'PENGIMING!!!!!!!!!' screamed Annie. 


Gina said...

See... now I need to know what Annie is looking at...and why she is screaming "Pengiming" :D XXX

Armenoi said...

I can feel Captain Bill's despair and they haven't got off the island yet. By the way, it's good to see that the snail survived the sacking.