Monday, 25 April 2016

The sack and how to face up to it.

'So, that's everyone asked apart from Bertha.'

'And how is Madame Shouty?' Captain Bill asked.

'I do wish you wouldn't,' Norma replied, 'and she's fine as far as I know. I'm off to see her next.'

'Do give her my antipathy.'

'Couldn't you make just some effort to get along with her?' Norma asked.

'I do,' Captain Bill replied.

'But you haven't spoken to her for months now.'

'Works for me!' said Captain Bill.

Norma's horns slumped just a little.

'Well, after I've seen her I thought we should all get together and decide where we want to go.'

'You mean a meeting?' said Captain Bill.

'Yes,' Norma replied. 'Down on the beach.'

'Oh joy!'

And Norma's horns slumped a little more.

'I'll be getting along then,' she said and she went to move away.

'Before I go,' she added, 'and I don't want you to get upset with me for asking...'

'I'm fine!' Captain Bill replied.

'It's just.....from where I'm standing...'

'I wanted to have a good look in the bottom of the make sure I hadn't missed anything.'

'So, you've not got it stuck on your head then?'




'And the trail of rope and string?'

'Helps me to sort it out.'

'I can go?'

'You can go.'

And so Norma herded off.

'Sure?' she called out just before she went over the crest of the hill. 


Gina said...

Of course he hasn't got his head stuck...we have all had that urge to examine the bottom of a bag...haven't we? XXX

Armenoi said...

Especially while still wearing a big blue Captain's hat!