Saturday, 21 May 2016

Ahhhhhh! Lambs!

'Ah!' Flossie sighed. 'Is there any prettier sight than watching young lambs gambling in a field?'

'Thought you'd approve,' Lefty replied, 'and we do need to test the equipment.'

'It's a grand idea,' said Flossie. 'Parents alright about it? I'm sure you must have checked.'

'Did indeed,' Lefty bleated. 'Harriet was a little concerned at first.'

'Reason?' Flossie asked.

'Well, it's not particularly piratey.'

'True!' Flossie replied.

'And she was worried about cheating, but I assured her that it was allowed.'

'Start 'em young if you want them to become despicable, that's my motto,' said Flossie.

'Is it? Lefty asked.

'Not really,' said Flossie. 'I've never been big on mottoes.'

Hookey tapped on the soft warm grass.

'True!' Flossie replied, 'very true! Now, fiendish scheme update if you please.' 

'We arrived back safely and all the islands are in place,' Lefty replied.

'Excellent!' said Flossie. 'Any paperwork for me?'

'In a while,' Lefty bleated. 'The next thing is to get the advertising done, Posters, flyers, things  like that.'

'Need me?' asked Flossie.

'Would appreciate your input.'

'Then I'm there,' Flossie bleated.


Gina said...

AaaaaaaaaaH! Cute piratey babies :D XXX

Armenoi said...

I can see some resemblances among the fluffies, or should I call one of them a flossie?
And while we are talking all things, does the croupier look a touch like our ever favourite Sir Cyril? Just asking.