Wednesday, 25 May 2016

And today's rescuer is?

'Ah! Bonjour!' Norma mooed.

'Exactement!' Camille replied. 'Now, I am supposing that in myself and ma little students finding you 'ere, that you are already deeply involved in some tres bizarre but sadly poorly plotted adventure?'

'Cow Island has gone missing,' said Norma.

'Then I am awarding myself a tick and a big gold star!' 

'I'm afraid we need rescuing.'

'Indeed!' Camille replied. 'I thought as much. We were 'appily sailing along when young Jean Claude 'ere spotted your sign calling for pleh.'

'You mean help?

'It all depends from which direction you are approaching.'

'I suppose it does,' said Norma. 'But I'm so glad that it was you who saw it.'

'And so we are once again all together like some embarrassing dysfunctional family,' Camille replied. 'And I must immediately say that the welcome, fine though it was, thank you Monsieur Cyril and the ever perfect Geraldine, is lacking ma brave Capitaine Bile. He is no doubt, even now, performing some 'eroic deed which is the only reasonable explanation for 'is not being 'ere to greet me.'

'I'm sure it will prove to be something like that,' Norma replied.

'Then while you are organising yourselves I shall seek him out, in what will prove to be, for 'im, an emotional and heartfelt reunion.'

'Best of luck,' said Norma.

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Gina said...

"Capitaine and Camille sitting in a tree...K.I.S.S.I.N.G...." *or more likely sitting near a tree checking the H&S requirements before attempting such a venture* :D XXX