Friday, 6 May 2016

And the votes are in!

'And one vote for 'somewhere with more penguins', 'said Bertha.

'That's only four votes in total,' Norma remarked.

'Cyril ate his voting form,' Bertha replied 'and the ballot box, but luckily I had a spare.'

'Which still only makes five votes.'

'Does it?' said Bertha.

Norma whacked Bertha with her tail.

'Oh yes!' mooed Bertha. 'And one vote for 'what's the point of going on holiday, why don't we stay at home, it's always a disaster anyway'. I must have inadvertently overlooked that one. I shall immediately go and apologise to the anonymous voter.'   

'So to recap,' said Norma, 'that's one vote for penguins, one vote for 'somewhere rainy on a cliff', a stay at home vote, an eaten voting form and two votes for 'somewhere with a nice beach and some nearby hat shops.'

'Well you can't argue with such a free and fair demonstration of democracy,' Bertha replied. 'We'll just have to go.' and Norma nodded.

But at that moment a highly agitated Geraldine ran past them waving her wings in the air.

'Oh dear!' said Norma. 'I didn't think to ask her. That was very bad of me.'

'She likes museums,' Bertha replied. 'We could try to fit a couple in?'

'That would be nice,' Norma agreed. 'Now, I suppose we should get on with the packing.'

'I shall go and rally the troops,' said Bertha.

And that is exactly what she did.


Gina said...

Excellent choice...isn't democracy wonderful :D XXX

Armenoi said...

Methinks there will be a couple of unhappy chaps at the end of this somewhere.
What about a safe zone for Annie with lots of art materials and empty washing up bottles etc? In fact the more I ruminate, sending the entire crew to IKEA would probably cover all bases.