Monday, 2 May 2016

Deciding on that holiday destination

'What about....'

'No!' mooed Bertha.

Captain Bill put down his holiday brochure and stared at Bertha.

'You didn't even let me finish.'

'Because I know what you're going to suggest and we're not doing it,' she replied.

'Could I just point out...'

'No!' mooed Bertha.

'...that I am Captain,' Captain Bill finished.

'And could I just point out that if you mention that once more I will jump up and down on your hat for an hour,' Bertha replied, 'while you're still wearing it.'

'Please!' said Norma.

Captain Bill picked his brochure up again.

'Where are the others anyway?' he asked.

'I'm not sure about Cyril,' Norma replied. 'Horace has gone to find a plaster and Annie has gone for a paddle.'

'Typical!' said Captain Bill. 'When there's a serious decision to be made...'

'Annie did say she'd leave me a little note about where she wants to go,' Norma continued. 'Although I wouldn't be surprised if she's forgotten.'

And so for a while the three fell silent again. Brochures were read, brochures were swapped, brochures were put down, a short break was taken, some tea was made, biscuits (supplied by Norma) were nibbled, brochures were picked up again.

'What about..' said Captain Bill.

'No!' mooed Bertha.

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Gina said...

Sounds like the beginning every family trip ever!!! I choose to leave home very early and they o where I pick now...and I don't tell them til we get there :P XXX