Friday, 27 May 2016

Evil fonts

'What's that one called again?' Flossie asked.

'Which one?' said Lefty.

'The one where the t's got that little loop at the top.'

'Spiffly Whiffly,' Lefty replied. 'But it's not available in lower case.'

'Right,' said Flossie, 'just need to ask, do all fonts have silly names?'

'Mostly,' Lefty bleated. 'There are thousands of them and all the sensible names got used up years ago.'

'Reasonable answer,' Flossie replied. 'Many more to look at?'

'A couple of hundred,' said Lefty.

'And, not doubting you, but you think we need to look at them all?'

Lefty nodded. 

'Only,' Flossie continued, 'when forming a despicable and utterly evil plan which involved stealing islands...I never thought that finding the right font would make much of a difference.'

'Could be crucial,' Lefty replied, 'and before we started I'd already trimmed down the list using this.

And he help up a small book entitled 'Evil Fonts You Won't Want To Miss'.

'Well, I can't fault your research,' Flossie replied.

'Thanks,' said Lefty.

Flossie yawned and stretched and took a sip of his drink.

'Are you still taking sugar?' he asked.

'Just a little,' Lefty replied.

'I think I've got yours then.' 

And he had.

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Gina said...

*has renamed hubby "Lefty" lol" XXX