Friday, 20 May 2016


'Thanks Annie!' said Norma.

Annie did a short but very happy dance.

'Tired now!' she replied.

'Have a nap,' Norma suggested, 'or several.'

Annie elected to have two naps and a side order of snooze and Norma promised to wake her if anything exciting happened.

'Like a zeppelin full of camels,' Annie mooed.

'You'll be the first to know,' Norma replied.

So Annie fell over sideways and slipped into a dream about being trapped in a cave made out of strawbleberry trifle.

Norma, meanwhile, turned her attention towards more mundane matters.

'I suppose you're going to tell me that you're perfectly safe up there?' she asked.

'I'm fine!' Bertha shouted back. 'It's just like being in the Cows Nest on the Pickled Heifer.'

Norma looked at Captain Bill.

'Well, all we can do now is wait and hope.' she said.

'And you seriously believe this is going to get us rescued?' he replied.

'It's our only hope,' Norma explained.

Captain Bill took off his hat and used it to scratch an itch on his back. He took a long hard look at the precariously stacked column of hat boxes and then voiced his opinion.

'Well, for what it's worth, my view is that there's no realistic possibility of a ship passing by..'

'Ship ahoy!!!!' Bertha called out.

'...or of it seeing us,'.

'It's seen us!!!' Bertha called out.

'.................................If anyone wants me I'll be quietly drowning myself,' said Captain Bill.


Armenoi said...

I hope Captain Bill takes Horace with him to capture the moment in an exceedingly long and maudlin poem.

Gina said...

I guess it was a "bangs head on desk" moment....but he doesn't have a desk :D XXX