Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Holiday ideas (part 1)

'What if they fall?' Horace asked.

'They won't fall,' Norma replied. 'Bertha re-stacked them. I'll get them moved just as soon as we're finished.'

Horace pointed to the plaster on his nose.

'I'm very sorry,' Norma sighed. 'Now, if we could get on.'

'Agreed!' agreed Bertha.

'Firstly, ' Norma began, 'thank you all for coming. As you know we're here to decide on our exciting holiday destination.'

Annie waved her tail.

'Yes?' Norma asked.

'Are we there yet?' mooed Annie.

'It's started,' Captain Bill muttered.

Norma gave Captain Bill a 'look'.

'Not yet,' she replied to Annie.

And Annie closed her eyes, snuggled up against Cyril and nodded off.

'So,' Norma continued, 'there's lots of brochures. Some of us have already made a start in looking through them.'

'And made suggestions,' said Captain Bill.

'And had them turned down,' Bertha added.

Norma raised her eyes. A solitary bird was lazily climbing on a thermal. Norma took a moment to envy it and pushed on.

'Everyone will have an opportunity to put their ideas and then...'

Norma paused, she had been distracted by Horace who was noisily scribbling something.

'I've had an idea for a poem,' he said. 'Is this meeting likely to take long?'

And Norma thought 'possibly forever' a suitable reply.

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Gina said... if Norma just picks somewhere and loads them all aboard while they are asleep...much quicker :D XXX