Thursday, 5 May 2016

Holiday ideas (part 2)

'3 DAYS!' Norma exclaimed. '3 Days and we have got nowhere! 3 days of diversions and petty asides and squabbles with hardly a word spoken about the holiday! Horace, it's just a bruise, get over it! Bertha, Captain Bill is entitled to an opinion...even if it is, by and large, negative waffle. Annie, try to do the real world just once in a while! Cyril................................behave!  Captain Bill, we are going on holiday so just get used to it!

And with that Norma turned and stampeded away.

Only to stampede back again a few moments later.

'Horace,' she began, 'bruises are not nice, I am sincerely sorry that it hurts. Bertha, I realise you just want to move things along in a positive direction. Could you please hand around the voting forms. Annie, as reality is whatever you believe it to be, who am I to say that flying badgers don't exist. Cyril, I'll take two t-shirts in small....well, medium...unless you have them in medium large? Captain Bill, I understand holidays are not your thing really and I respect the difficult circumstances in which your captaincy often has to operate. Now, if anyone wants me, I shall be knitting for a while. Thank you!'

And Norma turned and calmly walked away.


Gina said...

*considers changing name to Norma* ...sigh...*goes back to knitting*

Armenoi said...

So, while this attempt at consensus was under way, who was littering the beach with merchandising?