Tuesday, 24 May 2016

How to greet your rescuer

'So, I'll outshine everyone?'

'I suppose he could have found the carpet?' Norma suggested.

'And the dinner jacket, top hat, top tail hat and silver tipped cane?' Captain Bill asked.

'I'm having more trouble with those,' Norma replied.

'I just can't work out how he does it? We're stranded on a sand bar.'

'He is a very resourceful person,' Norma observed, 'and although it could just be coincidence I have realised that most of my hat boxes don't have any hats in them.'

'Typical!' said Captain Bill. 

But before he could make any further observations.  

'They've dropped anchor!' Bertha called down to them.

'Can you see what they look like?' Norma called back.

'Not really,' Bertha mooed. 'They're getting ready to launch a boat!'

'We should get down to the waters edge,' Norma suggested to Captain Bill.

'........................................No need to hurry,' Captain Bill replied.

So for a while they did not hurrying. The crew of the ship launched their boat and everyone stood and watched as it drew closer to the shore. 

'They're waving,' Bertha shouted, 'and they're calling out something.'

'What are they saying?' Norma asked.

'I can't quite make it out,' Bertha replied, 'but it sounds like..........................bone jaw?'

And with that Captain Bill's hat wobbled rather violently.

'I think I'll just go and count some more seaweed,' he said.


Gina said...

The Norman's are invading!!!! XXX

Armenoi said...

...and probably a lot of little normanettes as well.