Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Important dietary advice

'It's a good job you stopped by,' Cyril said. 'You look painfully thin.'

'Really?' Annie mooed. 'Maybe it's because of all the exhaustive searching I've been doing? I've not eaten for about 50 billion hours.'

'No wonder I can hardly see you,' Cyril replied. 'You'll need to eat several lemon drizzle cakes.'

'If I must?' said Annie.

'I insist!' Cyril insisted. 'Now, I must apologise for the lack of napkins and cake shovels. Proper etiquette will have to be placed to one side for the time being.'

'I may just shove my head straight into it and eat my way out.'

'An excellent compromise and one that maintains both levels of hygiene and personal dignity,' Cyril replied. 'I wouldn't be at all surprised if all of the top people were doing just the same thing.'

'And thank you for feeding Geraldine Penguin Person as well,' said Annie. 'Norma asked me to keep a special eye on her.'

'Then we both will! Now, I notice that you are less arboreal than before.'

'I felt that my new beach based lifestyle was conflicting with my inner tree,' Annie replied, 'and besides Mr Fish left owing 4 days rent.'

'I'd pursue him through the courts,' Cyril advised.

'On a tricycle?' Annie asked.

'I can think of no other way,' Cyril replied.

And with that Cyril and Annie both stuck their heads into their lemon drizzle cakes.*

*Geraldine Penguin Person ate hers with a silver cake fork and even managed to save a little for later on. 


Gina said...

I do love how Sir Cyril "gets" Annie :D *needs a cake shovel* XXX

Armenoi said...

Oh my... the knotted hankie, it had to be done.
They are an adorable pair.