Monday, 9 May 2016

When Cow Island wasn't

'GONE!!!!!!' Norma exclaimed.

'Completely,' Bertha replied.

'What!' Captain Bill called out.

'Cow Island,' said Bertha, 'it's gone, completely disappeared...come and look.'

Captain Bill, Norma and Bertha hurried back to the top of the beach and down over the other side, where they found.....just more sea.

'Lummy!' said Norma.

'It was Annie who spotted it,' mooed Bertha.

For several moments the three stood and looked out on where Cow Island used to be.

'Well,' said Captain Bill eventually, 'I tried to warn you.'

What???' said Bertha.

'As soon as we go on holiday. It's always a disaster.'

'What's it got to do with going on holiday?' Bertha asked. 'We haven't even left yet!'

'I'm just saying,' Captain Bill replied, 'every time we go on holiday, but would anyone listen? Does anyone pay attention to a word I say? And who will you be turning to now there's a crisis?'

Bertha considered hitting Captain Bill, but before she could.

'Hang on!' said Norma, 'I've got an idea.

And with that she turned and ran back up the beach and out of sight, only to appear several seconds later running back towards them.

'No,' she conceded after she had got back, 'I just sort of hoped, if I did it a second time...a bit of a long shot but I thought it was worth trying.

And the three of them fell into silent thought.

Just what had happened to Cow Island? 


Gina said...

And there I was thinking Annie was just being Annie....shows you should neve take anything for granted :D XXX

Armenoi said...

But where are Annie, Horace and the ever adorable Cyril?