Monday, 23 May 2016

Who goes there?

'So, you're confident they're going to be friendly?' Captain Bill asked.

'Most people are,' Norma replied.

'Hmm,' said Captain Bill and he peered into the Makingthingsseemcloserscope. 'Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, not aggressive then?'

'Well, we can't be certain,' Norma mooed. 'Bertha said they don't appear to be hostile but she can't see them that clearly herself.'

'Hmm,' Captain Bill repeated.

'We don't have much of a choice at the moment really,' Norma continued. 'Right now a ship is a ship. We need rescuing. We can't be fussy about who the rescuer is.'

'..........Just a long as you're sure they're not hostile?'

'But I just said I couldn't be!' Norma replied. 'And whoever they are, when they arrive, you'll have to greet you're captain.'

'Nice to know that I still have a role to play.'

'Of course you do!'

'Although for some reason the words 'largely ceremonial' keep wafting through my mind. Is my hat on straight?'

'Yes,' Norma replied, 'but you'll have to take it off for a moment anyway.'


'Because I've made something for you.'


'I just thought you'd like to be wearing one,' Norma explained. 'The colours aren't the best but they are all I've got with me at the moment.

So Captain Bill took off his hat and Norma hung the newly knitted compass around his neck.

'There, it make you look extra captainy,' said Norma. 'There won't be any doubt that you're our leader. You'll outshine us all.' 

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Gina said...

One can never be too careful when accepting lifts from matter how perilous your circumstances *nods knowingly* :D XXX