Saturday, 28 May 2016

Why it's best to avoid rowing when you're rowing

'I've said I'm sorry,' Norma sighed, 'but I can't take the hat boxes and I'm not leaving the hat behind. Everyone else has been rescued and so it's just us few left to transfer over.'

Horace stared out to sea.

'You can take it off as soon as we get to Camille's ship,' Norma added.

'Will that take long?'

'Well, that depends on how quickly we get there. It would be a help if you offered to do some of the rowing.'

But I'm a poet!'

'I don't think that actually debars you from being able to use an oar.'

'I'm holding both the bags.'

Norma stopped rowing.

'Is there a problem?' Horace asked.

'I just need to catch my breath,' Norma replied.

'...................................But it will take longer to get there,' said Horace and he pointed at the hat he was wearing.



'Nothing,' said Norma and she started rowing again.

And Horace stared out to sea.

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Gina said...

or vice versa....I love the English language....took me 3 reads out loud lol :D XXX