Monday, 27 June 2016

A right royal problem

'Really,' Queen Phoebe began, 'One don't mind hiding if One has too but to be separated from One's hubby for so long....'

'It must be a great trial for you,' Norma sympathised.

'One gets the right hump about it and his Kingshipfulness will be out of his mind with worry about me.'

'Have you had no communication with him at all?'

'Not a peep! One had only popped orf for a few hours to check a few things. One don't think to take along an emergency homing haddock just in case the island One goes to visit gets stolen while you're on it.'

'I suppose not,' Norma replied.

'If it hadn't been for having Norman with me, One don't know what One would have done.'

'He must have been a great comfort to you.'

'True!' Queen Phoebe said. 'Although he has got a bit moany since the buns ran out.'

'Hardly surprising.'

'I suppose not and he spoke very wisely, 'Don't you worry yourself,' he said, 'we'll find somewhere to conceal ourselves and wait for some bovine shaped help to arrive'.'

'And he we are!' Norma mooed.

'Yes,' Queen Phoebe replied, 'but you haven't brought the press with you have you? Only One don't need 'Royalty allows islands to be half inched' splashed across the front pages.'

And Norma assured her that they hadn't.


Gina said...

Poor Queen Pheobe! I'm sure that cuppa will refresh her spirits :D XXX

Armenoi said...

Her queenliness looks like she has lost a pound or two since the buns ran out.