Friday, 24 June 2016

A what shaped tree?

'A pair of sunglasses?' Horace mooed.

Norma shifted slightly uneasily.

'As I explained to the others, I think they make me look very touristy.'

'You made me wear this hat!'

'Only because it was right for you.'

'It's hardly the same as a pair of sunglasses!'

'Honestly,' Norma said, 'it wasn't my intention to cause you any's just a hat.'

Horace huffed to himself.

'So, what are we doing now?' he asked.

'Hiding,' Norma replied. 'I just need you to stay out of sight while we make sure of what's going on.'

'Hide!..In this hat?'

'If you could try?'

'I don't see how I can.'

'Well, it might be easier than you think.'

'People will be able to see me for miles.'

'Not necessarily,' Norma replied. 'You just need to find something tall to hide behind.'

'Such as?'

'I don't know. There must be tall things around. How about that tree over there?'

'Which one?'

Norma pointed with her tail.

'That one over there. The one....that....just....moved! The one that's shaped..a elephant!!!!!'


Armenoi said...

NORMAN!!!!!!!!!! And just in time for the weekend.

Gina said...

YAY NORMAN!!!! Always one step ahead :D XXX