Wednesday, 8 June 2016

After Annie got back

'And Neville George Spondulicks and Margarita Sybil Snipbeak.'

'Whoever would have thought the pretty birdies would have had such strange names?' Cyril said.

'And they all send their love,' Annie added.

'There's nothing more important,' Cyril replied.

'But they didn't send anything else.

'It matters not,' said Cyril. 'I shall love them back even more.'

'So, did I miss much while I was away in Upsville?'

'I don't think so,' Cyril replied. 'How long were you away for?'

Annie thought VERY hard.

'About 3.77483829281727172737483828 seconds.'

'Then apart from me eating 17 cakes, I don't think you missed much at all,' said Cyril.

'Only 17!!!!!!!' Annie mooed.

'Now you mention it, that's not many. Perhaps I'm not well?'

'You may have been overworking,' Annie suggested.

'I did have to turn myself over in my hammock without any assistance,' Cyril replied.

'That's pushing the boundaries of exercise into new and uncharterbubbled territories.'

'A clear sign of unwellness. I'd have never have takien the risk if I'd been my normal cuddly self.'

'I shall organise an emergency response individual,' Annie replied.

And she did.

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Gina said...

oh poor Cyril...*rushes to fan him with palm fronds as befits his station* XXX