Saturday, 11 June 2016

Asset management

'But surely even you have to concede that it's a coincidence too far?' Norma said.

'I've given you my opinion,' Captain Bill replied.

'But honestly,' Norma continued, 'a brand new chain of holiday islands and one of them just happens to have a pier....with a helter skelter on it!'

'It's perfectly possible that they could have decided to build one of their own.'

'Well, everyone else thinks there must be a link.'

Captain Bill pointed to his Captain's hat.

'...........................Even Captains can be wrong sometimes,' Norma ventured.

'But not this time,' Captain Bill mooed, 'AND I have proof!'

'Really?' Norma asked.

'Your problem is you don't think things through, none of you do,' Captain Bill replied. 'You see an advert for some holiday islands with a pier and a helter skelter and you leap to conclusions. You just let your imaginations run away with you. It takes a cool headed individual to see beyond the hysteria.'

'Well.....' Norma said.

'Think about it,' Captain Bill interrupted. 'Why do they mention a pier? Why do they mention that there's a helter skelter on it?'

'I suppose they must see them as assets,' Norma replied. 'They must think that they will help to attract people.'

'Exactly!' Captain Bill exclaimed. 'Now we're getting somewhere. But if it really was our own Cow Island that they were talking about wouldn't it stand to reason that they would headline with the most important asset of all?'

'Which would be?'

'My own, internationally recognised, not to be missed Rope Museum!!!!!! But they don't, so it can't be Cow Island. Proof positive! Case closed!'

And Norma thought it best not to argue.


Gina said...

Well done Norma...sometimes we just have to let them think they are right :D XXX

Armenoi said...

Stiff breeze on the old seaweed I note.