Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Career progression discussion

'But I never felt that I had the parental support that I needed so I gave it up in the end and went in to full time evilness,' Flossie concluded.

'Well,' Lefty replied, 'sad if you had your heart set upon it but the world of competitive crocheting's loss was our gain.'

'I'd like to think that I've repaid the flock for the faith it's shown in me. Anyway, enough of my life story. How's everything going with the plan? I see Harriet's back with us.'

'Thought it was the perfect role for her. Meet and greet is always a tricky one to nail but she's a natural.'

'We all have our strengths and weaknesses,' Flossie bleated. 'Although I'd be reluctant to see us pushing her down a stereotypical career path when she's capable of doing so much more.'

'I've assured her that we'll have a review after 3 months and if she wants to explore wider horizons we'll discuss available courses and training options.'

'You're on it already!' Flossie replied. 'Sometimes I think you'd manage perfectly well without me.'

'Never! Now, you're OK with Harriet having the lambs with her. I tried to organise something for them but it was rather late notice.'

'I think it's a nice touch. Helps to create a welcoming image, puts people at their ease, which is what you want with a plan of this sort.'

'They've got some homework to do but I said I'd give them a hand if they wanted it.'

'What's it on?'

'They've got to write an essay on the movement of flocks from gentle herbivorous grazing to high seas piracy.'

'Really? I remember having to do that myself when I was their age.'

'How did you get on?'

'I wasn't happy with what I had written so I burnt the school down.'

'What happened?'

'I got an A* and they made me a prefect.'



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